A Few Words Missing From the Bible

Religious liberals of the past often argued that they were returning Christianity to the Bible after it had been corrupted by non-Biblical dogmas. They were keen to point out how much of Christianity has no clear Biblical sanction, not because they mocked Christianity, but because they respected the Bible and wanted to save it from layers of erroneous medieval interpretation. Here’s a short list of Christian keywords absent from the Bible:


Original Sin




Immaculate Conception

This list could be made much longer.


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One response to “A Few Words Missing From the Bible

  1. off-subject: while I knew who wrote this from the name and the words – how come it’s there is no name?
    and if a secret, did you know my RSS reader now lists the writer?
    on-subject: there is no question that the old Christian Liberals were strong in their views that Christian Conservatives were distorting and misreading the Bible.
    and were attempting to return to (what they felt were) the original beliefs.

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