Universalist Quote of the Day #4

“Universalists are often asked to tell where they stand.  The only true answer to give to this question is that we do not stand at all, we move.  Or we are asked to state our position.  Again we can only answer that we are not staying to defend any position, we are on the march. . .

“We do not stand still, nor do we defend any immovable positions, theologically speaking, and we are therefore harder to count or to form into imposing bodies.  We grow and we march, as all living things forever must do.  The main questions with Universalists are not where we stand but which way we are moving, not what positions we defend but which way we are marching.  Our main interest is to perceive what is true progress, and to keep our movements in line with that, and not to allow ourselves to move round and round in circles simply, like Fabre’s insects, or like a squirrel in its cage.  Of course we can always say that we stand for God and man, for Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, for the Bible and the immortal soul, for redemption from sin, and for a human race that, in some day yet to be, shall learn to move on in harmony with God.  But all these words and phrases take on new meanings, and therefore need new definition, in each succeeding age.  Nothing is clearer than the fact that the old definitions do not meet the needs of the new day, or that the old theologies do not function for the new occasions.  Our worn phrases are always losing their old meanings, and must forever be finding new meanings in the light of new experiences. . .

“No human word ever has reached or ever will reach finality of meaning.  Each living age always has defined religion in the light of its own experiences, and all ages to come will do the same.”

–Lewis Beals Fisher, Which Way? A Study of Universalists and Universalism.  Boston: Universalist Publishing House, 1921: 9-11.


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  1. Just a note to thank you for these quotations.
    your use of selected”…” certainly helped pull L. B. Fisher back to his point. Well done.

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