What is Church?

In his (somewhat bewildered) response to the GA08 brouhaha, Rev. Daniel O’Connell speculates that for some people General Assembly functions as “church,” and that this could explain why they feel so personally outraged that i.d. will be checked.  He, on the other hand, feels that church is his fellow UUs and what they do together, and contrasts this with the idea that “church” refers to a physical building on a specific location.

So what is church?  Do UUs generally think of church as “that place we go on Sunday”?  Or “that thing we do on Sunday (and possibly other days)”? One sometimes hears people say things like: “Man, she gave some good church this morning!”  That’s usually in response to a particularly rousing sermon or service.  Are there indeed people who think of GA as church (there certainly are worship services during GA)?  How do you use the term church?


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