Universalist Quote of the Day #21

“While the scientific man has simply to do with the methods and facts of nature, the religious man, when these are discovered, need not abandon his belief in a wise and loving power back of all that the eye can see and the hand handle.  We can no longer believe in special creations.  But the religious man, instead of fearing that God is read out of the universe, ought to feel that God is identified all the more closely with his universe.  The scientific man shows us the processes of nature; the religious man may see in them the methods of God.  He no longer appears as a carpenter standing outside, building a fabric or constructing a machine; but he is the very life and soul of his universe, animating every part, guiding from within and not without, all things to ‘One far-off, divine event, To which the whole creation moves.’

“But the religious man may go farther and he may say to the scientist: ‘You tell me of resident forces; you tell me of life and power manifested in every atom of this great universe; and I believe it all.  But to me that life which is behind the plant in its unfolding, the animal in its development, and man in his growth to perfection, is none other than the Living God himself, to whom I cry with the Psalmist, ‘Before the mountains were brought forth, or even thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting thou art God.’  Science compels us to change some of our notions about God; but does not rule out of the universe an infinite power, intelligence, and love.”

–Marion Shutter, Applied Evolution. Boston, 1900: 44.


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