Universalist Quote of the Day #25

“Universalism has disavowed many essential Christian doctrines. What remains that is uniquely Christian? God is not a Christian invention nor monopoly, and Universalists find God more fully and truly revealed in the universe and man than in the Bible. Brotherhood is more reliably demonstrated by biology than in than the Bible and is common to several world religions. The supreme value Universalism places upon every human personality, here and hereafter, is actually more than Christian and is part of philosophic speculation entirely divorced from Christianity. Universalism does not insist that man must swallow some Christian capsule of creedal beliefs that is, of supreme value, to be “saved.” The avowal of faith in Jesus as Spiritual Leader implies denial of him as God and, hence, of Christianity. The very name, Christian, is derived from the title of Christ given Jesus, a title signifying the supernatural nature imputed to Jesus, and, accordingly, to Christianity. However much Universalists may revere Jesus as a man and strive to follow in his footsteps, that along does not make Universalism Christian. At most, Universalists are nominal Christians, and that solely by virtue of their own definition–a definition not acceptable to the great body of Christianity!”

–Rev. Brainard F. Gibbons, “New Wine and Old Bottles,” The Christian Leader CXXXI (November 1949).


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