Why Post Universalist Quotes Each Day?

For the past five weeks, a new quote from the Universalist tradition has been posted here each weekday.  The sources range considerably, being male and female, ordained and lay, Christian and non-Christian, pacificist and just war supporting, and 18th, 19th, 20th century so far.  All come from primary sources published by participants in the Universalist tradition, mainly members of the Universalist Church of America.

The goal here is to demonstrate the breadth of views within that tradition, and to better acquaint modern Unitarian-Universalists (and those who study them) with the relatively neglected side of their spiritual heritage.  Unitarianism tends to overshadow Universalism in UU churches, but Universalism is still with us in many corners and has a history, both proud and checkered, that is equally worthy of attention.  Daily quotes from the Unitarian and Unitarian-Universalist traditions might also be offered, but for now it seems more necessary to help plug the gap in knowledge and familiarity about Universalism.

No attempt has been made to present these quotes systematically, such as by chronology, faction, issue, etc.  Therefore readers are urged to take note of the publication date and source as clues to where each quote figures in denominational history.  Nor is any particular agenda, other than historical education for its own sake, being advanced here–many quotes are naturally enough positive in nature, but others showing the contention and even the negative aspects of historic Universalism have been and will be offered.   Opinions voiced by the quoted authors are not necessarily those of the blogowner, or any living person or institution, for that matter.

The quotes have drawn almost no comment, and do not appear to have many readers.  But discussion is welcome if a quote provokes thought, inspiration, or disagreement.  This blog is academic in nature but intended to be open to the general public for discussion and participation.



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7 responses to “Why Post Universalist Quotes Each Day?

  1. Well, I read each of them — some are very familiar favorites — and appreciate you doing so.

  2. Well I read each one also.
    I think blogging culture doesn’t work well for things like quotes, you have to add commentary to it to spark interest. (of course controversial statements always get more response than non).

  3. SPS

    I’ve been enjoying the Universalist quotes great deal. I hope they continue.

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  5. Pat

    Being able to search your quotes would be great. Can you add ‘search’ to your blog widgets? Thx!

  6. We miss the daily quotes! and miss TandP!

  7. Transient and Permanent

    Yes, I feel guilty that I haven’t been able to post anything for a number of weeks. I’ll blame it on the online teaching I am doing for Starr King, which has swallowed my online time. Also, I’m doing summer research away from home, it is very hard to blog when you’re on the road for weeks on end. But, never fear, T&P is merely on unscheduled hiatus, the quotes and more will be back.

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