Universalist Quote of the Day #32

“See then, that there is a common bond–a tie–uniting the vast family of man. No national boundary can dissolve this tie, no distance–no circumstance of birth, or of color–no misfortune, no oppression; neither poverty, nor vice, nor disgrace, nor death can sunder it. It is as indissoluble as the love of God. . . Who, believing and realizing this, can be unkind? Who can be entirely engrossed in his own welfare? Who can be the oppressor of his brethren? Who can be deaf to the moan of the sufferer? to the plaintive entreaty of the poor?”

–Thomas Whittemore, Plain Guide to Universalism. Boston, 1840: 290.


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  1. Darrel

    Once again, I really appreciate your mining the treasures of universalism to provide us with these quotations. I found this one particularly powerful for its understanding of the practical implications of the universalist religious commitment.

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