A Note on Comment Moderation

There is sometimes a delay between when you post a comment and when it appears to the pubic here, and it seems worthwhile to explain this phenomenon, which is a result of the technology used to produce Transient and Permanent.

This blog is published with WordPress.  WordPress automatically catches comments and holds them for moderation.  Some go directly into a spam filter, while more legitimate ones are emailed to the blog author for consideration.  Actual approval of a new comment tends to be swift but can take a long time if you’re unfortunate to write in while the blog-owner is out shopping, in class, asleep, or on vacation somewhere with no access to the internet, etc.

Once someone has commented, WordPress can be set to always allow or never allow future comments from that person, without need for additional moderation.  Thus readers are usually only moderated the first time they post, and can post freely thereafter; legitimate (repeat) users have their comments appear immediately, while those who’ve spammed in the past go into the garbage can without the blog-owner ever even being aware of the new comment.  However, using different computers or accounts may provoke WordPress to once again hold comments until the new account can be approved, ad the system isn’t 100% perfect, so every now and then someone who was previously approved gets held for moderation for no apparent reason.

So far, since this blog was resurrected in late September 2007, only spam has been deleted; most of it is robot spam, with a smaller amount of troll spam (by the way, fifteen years ago did you ever imagine you’d read or write phrases like “robot spam” or “troll spam” and have some idea of what the heck was being talked about?).   The final decision on allowing comments here is reserved for the author; that said, hopefully the need to delete actual on-topic comments will never or rarely arise.  Let’s all play nicely together, even if we have various strong opposing opinions.


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