UU Trivia Question of the Day #1

Hello, and welcome to a new feature on this blog: UU Trivia Question of the Day! Questions will be short, though they may have some introductory material to help frame them. Post your answers below in the comments; the correct answer and daily winner will be announced by the end of the day. You might want to tell us how you arrived at your answer–perhaps this will reveal useful resources to other UUs. If you don’t know the full answer, feel free to guess at part of it. If the post or comments spark any thoughts, please go right ahead and use these threads as a discussion forum as well. And now, without further ado. . .

The president is the top-ranking officer in the Unitarian Universalist Association. How many presidents of the UUA have there been, and what are their names, in order?



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2 responses to “UU Trivia Question of the Day #1

  1. Patrick McLaughlin


    Dana McLean Greeley ’61-‘69
    Robert Nelson West ‘69-‘77
    Paul Carnes ’77-’79 (died in office)
    Eugene Pickett ’79-‘85
    Bill Schulz ’85-‘93
    John Buehrens ’93-‘01
    Bill Sinkford ’01-(‘09)

    Found this source–but only at the very end of my researching this–when I had to figure out who preceded Bill Schulz.


    Curiously, it lists the first six, not the seventh, but does pick up the Humanist Manifesto III.

    Merely googling “UUA Presidents” turns out to be a bust.

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