UU Trivia Question of the Day #8

The origins of UUism: For today’s question, we’re looking to find out when Unitarian-Universalism got started. If you think you know the answer, then please feel free to take a crack at this trivia question, even wild guesses are always welcome:

When was the first Unitarian-Universalist church founded? That is, in what year was founded the first church to be formally organized as Unitarian-Universalist with explicit reference to both traditions in its name (i.e. it wasn’t founded initially as Unitarian, Universalist, or some other Christian denomination, and only later on became UU)? Hint: it was not 1961, the year of Unitarian and Universalist denominational union.

Extra bonus points if you can guess the name of that first UU church.



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2 responses to “UU Trivia Question of the Day #8

  1. there is at least one earlier that the one Im going to mention , but I do have to state that
    the Unitarian-Universalist Society of Richmond was founded in 1830, it changed it’s name several times before dying out in the civil war.

    that’s Virginia —
    the church building was kept for a couple of decades after the war.

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