The UUA Presidency Has Been Reduced By 33%: The Answer to Today’s Trivia Question

[NOTE: incoming links to this post have been bringing a lot of traffic.  For you newcomers, this is a rather random UU trivia question.  You’ll probably want to click on the “Transient and Permanent” banner above to get the most recent questions and see a better range of the types of trivia being discussed here.]

Alright, no guesses today, so it’s time to just roll the answer out. Today, the UUA president can serve up to two terms, of four years each, for a total of an eight-year presidency. In fact, all UUA presidents have been re-elected, with the exception of the third president, who died while in office, and his replacement, who has appointed to the position and then elected for a second term (and thus technically wasn’t re-elected).

But when the UUA was formed, the presidency was limited to three terms, not two, such that Dana Greeley was at first expected to provide a twelve-year initial administration. But the following year opponents got it reduced to just two terms, where it has remained. Unfortunately, this led to serious problems for the UUA, as Greeley’s twelve-year fundraising plan got shoehorned into only eight years, contributing to a tremendous financial crisis that nearly destroyed the Association.



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3 responses to “The UUA Presidency Has Been Reduced By 33%: The Answer to Today’s Trivia Question

  1. But thank God for Universalist money . . . .

  2. I think there were lots of reasons for the UUA financial melt down of the mid 1960s – poor budgeting skills and spending money one doesnt have, being two of those reasons.

  3. Jeff

    Yes, lots of reasons. The switch in term limits was just one contributing factor.

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