Universalist Quote of the Day #45

“Within the walls to be here erected, let the Gospel trumpet send forth a certain sound, and break upon the multitude in accents of mercy and truth, and breathe forth the deathless love of our Saviour. Around the altar may the happy disciples gather, and with hearts overflowing with gratitude commemorate the glories of his grace. Here may the oppressed, the burdened and the sorrow-stricken child of humanity find a respite to his troubles–here may the mourner and weary find sweet oblivion to their woes. Here may free, life-giving and pardoning grace be proclaimed, and the heart kindle with rapture while it contemplates the wonders of redeeming love. May the multitude from Sabbath to Sabbath here assemble to worship, here find food apportioned and suited to their varied wants; and whenever they shall leave these consecrated walls, again to mix in the cares and avocations of life, may they be constrained to say, ‘This is none other than the house of God, the gate of heaven.'”

–Rev C. F. Le Fevre at the cornerstone laying for the Third Universalist Society of New York (in Greenwich Village), November 5, 1835.


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