UU Trivia Question of the Day #12

We’ve had lots of questions about the President of the UUA–time now to turn to the Moderator.  Some UUs may be puzzled as to why the UUA has a Moderator, a position that has no clear analog in either the American government or in local churches.  And they may wonder why that Moderator is such a prominent position.  Sure, Presidents and Executive Vice-Presidents make some intuitive sense, but Moderators?   So let’s talk about the Moderator for a little bit.  Here’s our daily question:

When the Unitarian Universalist Association was created (and thus the position of Moderator of the UUA was created as well), what was the function of the Moderator?  Understanding how this position has changed will help clarify why it seems to be a bit unusual compared to other positions in the UUA.


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Filed under Liberal Religious History, Unitarian-Universalism

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