UU Trivia Question of the Day #14

Yesterday we tackled Actions of Immediate Witness. Today it’s time for Responsive Resolutions. There is a movement afoot to bring a Responsive Resolution to the floor at GA 2008 that affirms support for young adult and youth ministry. This has brought some added attention to this increasingly popular form of GA motion. Responsive Resolutions are similar to other GA resolutions such as Actions of Immediate Witness, but whereas Actions typically target outside groups/issues (i.e. global warming, stem cell research, etc), these Responsive Resolutions often target the UUA specifically and its issues, for instance dealing with the UUA health insurance plan or the finances of Beacon Press. They are theoretically spontaneous and issued in response to reports made by officers are GA, but in practice can be planned ahead of time and introduced after any report that seems relevant in some way to the issue.

As with Actions of Immediate Witness, these Responsive Resolutions do not set specific policy for the UUA. Nonetheless, they have become popular recently as a way to make statements on behalf of the UUA in a streamlined manner. So, following on yesterday’s question, here we go again:

When was the first Responsive Resolution issued by GA?

Extra bonus question: what was the issue under discussion?


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One response to “UU Trivia Question of the Day #14

  1. I know I’m probably off by a year but wasn’t the first one in 1968 on the issue of black empowerment?

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