UU Trivia Question of the Day #15

It wasn’t inevitable that the Unitarians and the Universalists would get together. There was a long process of flirtation and withdrawal before they actually managed to combine forces in 1961. And this was not the only possible merger, which leads us to today’s question:

What other religious groups had the Unitarians and/or Universalists considered merging with prior to the 1961 creation of the Unitarian Universalist Association?

Extra bonus question: what religious groups have been considered for additional merger with the UUA since 1961?

[Edit: the extra extra bonus question, which upon reconsideration isn’t really trivia, is being removed and made into it’s own post]

Please feel free to tackle whichever of these questions you like and ignore the others if you don’t have a guess.



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3 responses to “UU Trivia Question of the Day #15

  1. sophiaseeker

    I imagine the United Church of Christ is on at least one of those lists. Just a stab in the dark, though, really.

  2. Here’s a wayback merger option, apparently considered in the second quarter of the 19th century, if I’m remembering correctly: Unitarians and Christians (now often called Disciples of Christ), who worked together on a few colleges and who shared a resistance to creeds.

  3. Assuming that you’re rewarding the first answer as correct, I’ll just hairsplit and say that it was the Congregational pre-UCofC that talked with the Universalists about merger in the 1920s.

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