Who Should the Unitarian-Universalists Merge With?

Today’s trivia question asks who the Unitarians and Universalists considered merging with before they ended up combining.  A logical follow-up would be to ask: who do you think the UUs should merge with today, or in the future?

Mergers have been a major story in American religious history, just as schisms have been.  With the marriage of the Unitarians and the Universalists seemingly on divorce-proof ground at this point, it might be fun or interesting to speculate on who else might join the club.

Which religious groups would you like to see the UUA merge with?  Why?  Idle speculations and outright fantasies are welcome here, but if you think there’s an actual chance of merger, please outline your thoughts on it.  What might the next step in liberal religious union look like?



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2 responses to “Who Should the Unitarian-Universalists Merge With?

  1. I think the wheel is still in spin as far as the direction the UUA is heading, but there are lots of choices out there – with the wheel spinning, I doubt any of these will happen – and I particularly doubt that any two of these would merge…

    National Spiritualist Churches
    United Church of Christ
    Ethical Cultural Association

  2. Well, there were the Universalist-Congregationalist talks. I mention them because I typed out some of the documents related to that on my blog. Like this one.

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