Universalist Quote of the Day #51

“[Rev. Power] says, that the system of faith and doctrine, that I have the honor of defending, is a system of faith that stands opposed to all the fundamental doctrines of the Bible, and is opposed to all other systems.  But, you, who are intelligent and informed on this subject, know this is not the fact.  We do claim to have the best faith and the best hope of any department of the Christian Church.  And why?  Not because we suppose our system is opposed to all others, but, because it embraces all the good embraced in all the other systems, all the truth and righteousness, and goes farther–it embraces the glorious doctrine of the final Restitution of all things–the ultimate holiness and happiness of every individual of the human family.  And this is the cardinal point on which we differ.  We agree on all the practical points held by others; but, we go farther.  Our system is more extensive.  It stands on the broad platform of universal benevolence and Christian philanthropy.”

–Rev. Nelson Doolittle, in A Discussion of the Subject of Universalism, Held in Laport, Lorain County, Ohio; from July 29th, to August 6th, 184: Between Rev. N. Doolittle, Universalist Minister of Akron, Ohio, and Rev. John H. Power, Methodist Minister of Delaware, Ohio, Reported by Mr. H.H. Whetmore, Oberlin Ohio, and Revised by the Parties.  Columbus, OH: Tribune Office Printing, 1846: 12-13.


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