Universalist Quote of the Day #54

“From these examples we find that the word Satan is a personification of any evil principle.  It does not necessarily mean a fallen angel from heaven, as it is applied to the passions–the lusts of the flesh–to diseases–to human beings, etc., etc.  The original word Satan appears but three times in the writings of Moses; and once, as we have seen, he applies it to a well, and twice to an angel of the Lord.  Hence it is certain that Moses never taught that Satan was once an angel of light, and fell from heaven. . . How strange any should contend that the angels of light sinned in heaven–a holy, happy place–into which nothing sinful ever did or can enter.  How unreasonable to suppose that sin was introduced by a fallen angel, when Paul says, “By ONE MAN sin entered the world.”  How unphilosophical and unscriptural to argue that a personal super-human, seven-headed, ten-horned, and cloven-footed, omnipresent devil tempts men to sin, when the Bible speaks out plainly on the subject, and declares that sin originates in the flesh, and that “every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his list and enticed.”

–E.H. Lake, Key to Truth.  Boston: James M. Usher, 1855: 54, 57-58.


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