Unitarian-Universalist Republicans

The relationship between political liberalism and religious liberalism is a persistent issue in Unitarian-Universalism, and other liberal denominations as well.  Some practitioners can’t distinguish between these two–their politics are their spirituality, and it seems unthinkable that someone holding liberal religious views could support anything other than far-left governmental policies.  Others are put off by the seeming union of spirituality and politics (especially party favoritism) in many UU circles.  And then there are the actual political conservatives, who not only persist quietly in many UU churches but have always been with us at every stage of UUism’s development.

The new blog UU Republican recently asked, are UU Republicans odd?   Many UUs would automatically answer yes; in fact, for many the question itself is what would be odd.  But it’s worth remembering the contributions that Republicans have made to UUism over the years.  After all, the most recent Unitarian president of the United States was a Republican: William Howard Taft.



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8 responses to “Unitarian-Universalist Republicans

  1. Related questions include: Does “Republican” necessarily mean “conservative”? How many varieties of conservatism are there, and are they all equally compatible with liberal theology and/or liberal religion? And are there varieties of left-of-center politics that are also incompatible with or in considerable tension with Unitarian Universalism?

    I took a crack at some of these in my 2006 post, Two cheers for conservative liberals.

  2. Transient and Permanent

    Historically, of course, Republican hasn’t always meant conservative in the way we use it nowadays, as you’re probably aware. And many historic Democratic Unitarians were pro-slavery or segregation, of course.

    Some varieties of vehemently anti-religious Communism (a type of far-left political ideology) are certainly incompatible with UUism–not because UUs would necessarily reject them, but because they’d want nothing to do with UUism.

  3. I just now noticed you noted my blog. Thanks.

  4. serenityhome

    For some reason, UURepublican’s blog is no longer. I had linked it to my site as I saw his voice as an important one to be heard in Mississippi. I periodically check on his blog to read his insights and today discovered it had been removed from blogspot. I am saddened that his voice is no longer at blogspot and hope this is only a temporary loss and not a permanent one. Anyone see another blog site for him??

  5. Ken

    Hi, you all! I grew up in the Unitarian Church and feel my “fellowship” lost its boldness years ago. Boldness to choose a Minister, who may challenge the Congregation. Any ideas?

  6. Victor

    There aren’t enough of us, it seems. I’d love for the blog to come back. There is so much to say about this subject that’s being drowned out lately.

  7. Jer

    Wow, it is great to have found you. I gotta say that the Ron Paul campaign woke me up and made me realize I really am more “conservative” than I thought I could be.
    I suppose that the only liberal part of me that tends to clash with my new found Republican friends is that we can all talk about liberty and freedom but in the same breath they will talk about banning the right for gays to marry. I see this a contrary to the pursuit of liberty for all…it is as if they stand for liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, except…gays. I’m not gay, but I gotta say that if I am going to have liberty, everyone has gotta have liberty.
    Ya know?

    Any thoughts on the UUA having an office in the UN?

  8. Being a UU and Republican isn’t that odd; at least not any odder than being a Socialist and UU. I think being an extremist from either camp would be odd because of the UUs focus on reason and social justice. I believe someone who is open, politically moderate, either center left or center right, would have no problem being a UU, and I should know!

    I didn’t know the UU blog was gone. Too bad. I was linked to it as well. We need more moderate voices of reason out there, especially in politics. My blog, Another Opinion, is considered center right for anyone who could like to read it (http://hosse.blogspot.com

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