Universalist Quote of the Day #55

“When it is said that God reigns, it is but an assurance that love reigns. When it is said that ‘he doeth his will on the armies of heaven and among the inhabitants of earth,’ it is in substance saying, that love does its will in heaven and upon earth. From the fact, then, that God is a being of love, it is a self-evident conclusion, that love will ultimately triumph–that all will finally be subdued and reconciled to the will of God, and be happy.”

–B.F. Foster, Theological Discussion on Universalism and Endless Punishment, Between Rev. B.F. Foster, Pastor of First Universalist Church, Indianapolis, Ind., and Rev. J.H. Lozier, Pastor of Asbury M.E. Church, Indianapolis, Ind. Indianapolis: B.F. Foster, 1867: 37.


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