Ethical Eating and Nuclear Disarmament: The Answer to Today’s Quiz

Congrats to a UU College Student, who correctly answered today’s UU trivia question.  There are two Congregational Study/Action Issues slated to appear on the General Assembly 2008 agenda. The first is “Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice.” Proponents link ideas about ethical eating to the respect for “the interdependent web” that appears in the UUA Principles.

The second Issue is “Nuclear Disarmament.” This would be the 28th statement by GA about nuclear weapons. Proponents believe that the UU principles are currently “violated” by the presence of armed and targeted nuclear weapons in America and Russia.



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3 responses to “Ethical Eating and Nuclear Disarmament: The Answer to Today’s Quiz

  1. So… As a delegate to the GA this year, I’m going to be bored to tears during SAI time?

  2. UU College Student

    Did a resolution get passed on nuclear disarmament during the Cold War? Are UUs getting so boring, they are repeating issues? And Ethical Eating? C’mon, you can’t press personal choices on to people. They can’t address racism or sexism in the media, so instead they resort to food preferences.

  3. Jeff

    Donald, one way to avoid boredom might be to bring a venti-sized Starbucks coffee and chow down on an enormous tub of KFC while listening to the debate, perhaps while wearing your old-school “Better dead that Red” t-shirt.

    UU College Student: there have already been 28 GA resolutions that in some fashion disapproved of nuclear arms. That would make this the 29th, or put another way, the average is about 1 anti-nuclear arms resolution per 1.66 General Assemblies.

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