Universalist Quote of the Day #56

“Negative Universalists are those, who merely assent to the doctrine. They believe, they say, that all men will at last be saved. They think the doctrine of endless misery a very bad doctrine, and entertain no doubts of the final happiness of the whole world. This is the amount of their religion. Now there is a wide difference between these, and what we are pleased to call positive Universalists. The latter embrace the doctrine with a living faith. They not only believe it, but they feel it; they love it; it is the meat and drink of their souls; they have a constant and ever-active desire that others may be brought to the knowledge of the truth; they profess the truth openly; they do all in their power to establish it in the world; they love God’s house; they love the stated ministry of the word; they love the ordinances of the Gospel; they love seasons of prayer and praise; they love the communion of the brotherhood; they know no other religion worth possessing; to them there is no other name given among men, whereby we can be saved, save Jesus of Nazareth. Such are positive Universalists. There are many of them in the world, but we wish their number was quadrupled. We wish their was a society of such Universalists in every town and village in the United States. They have a realizing sense of the love of God; it softens their souls; they live a holy, religious; cheerful life; and, viewing moral excellence to be an approximation to God, they desire to be “perfect, as their Father in heaven is perfect.”

–Thomas Whittemore, The Plain Guide to Universalism, 15th ed. Boston: James M. Usher, 1855: 278-279.


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