Common Threads: The Answer to Today’s UU Quiz

Terri Pahucki successfully guessed the answer to today’s UU trivia question.  The theme for General Assembly 2008 is “Common Threads.”

Themes aren’t just nice slogans, they also reflect philosophical orientations.  The intentions of the GA Planning Committee are pretty clearly evidenced when we note the theme proposals they considered:

What We Share

Common Threads

Out of Many, One

Unity in Diversity

Sharing a Path of Transformation

What We Hold in Common

Obviously, while Common Threads was chosen, all of these possible themes are targeted at urging Unitarian-Universalists to consider what we share with one another, rather than our frequent championing of our theological diversity.  Not that the UUA intends to hide its diversity, but this is part of a larger conversation that people in the UUA have been promoting within the denomination.  There is a feeling of subterranean crisis for some, amounting to a concern that UUism is so diverse that there is nothing really that holds it together–that UUs involved in different paths, such as Christianity, Neo-Paganism, and Humanism, are marked more by their differences than by their commonalities, or at least that they tend to see each other that way.  Focusing on Common Threads may be one way to counter that tendency.


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