Universalist Quote of the Day #57

“Is Universalism a Christian denomination, or is it something more, a truly universal religion? This issue is the most vital Universalism has ever faced, striking at the very base of its religious foundation, for Christianity and this larger Universalism are irreconcilable. A momentous decision must be made, and soon! Unless Universalism stands for something distinctive and affirmative, it falls in indistinguishable, negative nothing–neither loved nor hated, just ignored!”

–Rev. Brainard F. Gibbons, “New Wine and Old Bottles,” The Christian Leader CXXXI (November 1949).


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One response to “Universalist Quote of the Day #57

  1. serenityhome

    This is a question that in my mind, remains unanswered by many of our congregations. I hear repeatedly in our congregations the lack of focus–of community binding vision–within our membership. When discussion of finding the vision that defines the congregation from the congregation or even the social club down the street, I hear a sense of being overwhelmed by the call and a refusal to take a step–one step– towards that direction. It is our embracing diversity of thought that is pointed to as the reason for inaction–a convenient excuse for claiming an inability to make a collective decision. The not making of a decision is to decide. The danger of this is not just to be ignored, the danger is to be discovered as insignificant.

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