UU Trivia Question of the Day #22

This week we’re tackling General Assembly-related questions.  Today’s quiz is about something that may seem slight, but actually signals an important philosophical shift within the Unitarian Universalist Association.

General Assemblies typically have a theme.  Sometimes they are inspirational: “GA 1993: Universalism, For Such a Time as This.”  Sometimes they are reflective: “GA 1962: The Individual in a Mass Culture.”  Sometimes they are, well, opaque: “GA 1975: Seasoned By the Memory of Tomorrow.”

What is this year’s theme?  Can you decode the UUA cultural shift that it announces?



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8 responses to “UU Trivia Question of the Day #22

  1. I looked it up (which I personally don’t consider fair in trivia questions – you either know trivia or you don’t), but yeah – that is a bit of a switch isn’t it? We were more likely to talk about “d” than that.

  2. I’ll have to look it up, too, because I thought themes had been given up.

  3. Jeff

    Steven, feel free to post if you know the answer. Looking things up is totally OK. Part of the idea behind these questions is to encourage folks to learn a little bit about how and where to research Unitarian-Universalism (granted, they’re all just gonna use Google probably, but still even that will introduce them to new online resources they may be unaware of). Now, you personally aren’t one of the folks who needs additional experience in research, but this is an open forum and you’re as welcome to win as anyone else.

    As for the switch, feel free to comment more on it, either here or in the subsequent post that will announce the answer and winner. I don’t think all that many UUs are aware of how UUism is being re-branded, even though it is part of a long-term strategy that people in the UUA has been quite explicit about.

    Scott: your comment actually foreshadows tomorrow’s question. But for the record themes are still with us. GA 2007 was “Choices That Matter.” Guess it didn’t make much of an impression!

  4. Well, the theme is “common threads”…(and yes, i looked it up on the uua website…).

    “Weaving together the diverse threads” –finding unity rather than focusing on our differences and the strength of the individual is a welcome shift in my eyes.

  5. UU College Student

    See, I could give you the past two GAs themes (GA 06 was Right Relations). This one I’d have to google, and I’ve got class in 20 minutes…

  6. Jeff

    UU College Student, as a university professor I would not dream of suggesting that you chase my trivia questions rather than going to class. After all, can’t you just sit in class and google? That seems to be what my students do during lectures. . .

    Terri, that’s some good work there. And your reaction to it is indeed what the UUA is counting on, I believe.

  7. “but yeah – that is a bit of a switch isn’t it? We were more likely to talk about “diversity” than common threads.” While I’m not so sure that we could ever agree on what the common threads are … (insert smiley here) … I do think there are definite common threads, which is why we’re really not free to believe whatever we want….so it is nice to see an attempt to look at what unites us….

  8. UU College Student

    Lectures? Psh, I wish I could sit in the back of the class and mess around…I’m past that level now. All small classes until next year.

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