All UUA Board Members are Democratically Elected: The Answer to Today’s Quiz

Congratulations to Donald O’Bloggin, who correctly answered that all twenty-seven members of the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations are democratically elected.  This is an important point, since some people feel that the Board is a pontifical organization that hands down agenda-laden pronouncements of UU policy.  But in fact every member was democratically elected by bodies composed of ordinary Unitarian-Universalists, and if you are a member of a UU church then you have a direct hand (or at least, are given the direct opportunity) in electing these people.  If you’re not happy with what they do, then by all means get involved in the election process (or run yourself)–the Board acts on what people who do speak up are telling them, and if you’re not involved you can be sure someone else is, perhaps with a vision or agenda that doesn’t match your own.


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