Universalist Quote of the Day #61

“Every arrangement of nature is for the happiness of man.  Wisdom and power have in all things acted with an unvarying regard to man’s good.  The stars which are forever singing as they shine, sing of boundless goodness and love.  The sun, as he rises from behind the mighty waters, and throws his golden splendors over the earth, declares that for man he imparts his light and heat.  The same benevolent design is written on every department of the universe.  Indeed, when we walk abroad amid the beauties of nature, and are fanned by the gentle breeze, invigorated by the healthful air, and charmed by the music of the groves, we never think of asking whether they were all made for our comfort and good; we enjoy them in gratitude, and feel to bless God for his rich and varied provisions of love.”

–Otis Skinner, Universalism Illustrated and Defended: Being a System of Doctrinal and Practical Divinity, Deduced from Reason and Revelation. Boston: A. Tompkins, 1839: 275-276.


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