UU Trivia Question of the Day #27

There are twenty-seven members of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Board of Trustees.  As we determined yesterday, all but the president have a vote.  But how do these people reach the Board in the first place?  Here’s today’s quiz:

Of the twenty-seven members of the Board, how many are democratically elected?



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6 responses to “UU Trivia Question of the Day #27

  1. The President and Moderator, are elected by the General Assembly (next election for those posts is 2009).

    The Financial Advisor is elected by the GA and is the 3rd Elected Officer of the Association, but unlike the President and Moderator who must run by petition, the Nominating Committee gets to make nominations for the FA post

    The Youth At Large, and the three Trustees at Large are elected by the GA as well, and also get Nominating Committee notes on the ballots.

    Each district (at this point in time, 20) elects its own trustee, according to its own methods of congregational representation.

    Thus, total number of people elected on the board: 27.

    In 2009, the number will drop to 26, as Northeast and NH/VT districts are consolidating.

  2. so then is the answer all of them, or none of them?

  3. I’d say all of them, it’s just a question of which democratic process is being used.

    It was interesting to see this question, as I was already going through EVERY districts bylaws looking for some other information, so I could skim through and make sure that some district didn’t have an appointed Trustee.

    According to the most recent bylaw versions on each of our districts websites, each is elected either at the districts annual meeting, or by mailed ballot.

  4. See, is Nancy (assistant to someone on the board) considered a board member? And I didn’t know the financial adviser was elected, you learn something everyday…

  5. You’re thinking Nancy Lawrence, who is the Assistant to the Executive Vice President.

    The Exec Vice Pres, Kay Montgomery, is an employee of the UUA, hired by the President. Kay is currently serving as the Recording Secretary of the Board, which is a Board Appointed Officer of the Association, and the Recording Secretary is the Clerk of the Association, which has some specific defined abilities according to Massachussets Commonwealth law.

    Nancy Lawrence, as the admin asst to the Exec Vice Pres, processes a lot of information for the Board, Nominating Committee, etc who need some administrative assistance to do their elected duties, so when someone files a petition to run for an elected position in the Association, Nancy Lawrence has been the person taking a lot of that information (as someone explained to me once, because the Executive Vice President, as Clerk of the Association, has to vet the information before presenting it to the Board or the GA, according to commonwealth law…)

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