Universalist Quote of the Day #65

“The heart which has much pride, and loves vengeance for its foes, will be more attracted by systems which bear affinity to itself. Men who would themselves be tyrants, had they but power, will feel less adverse than others to the believe that God is such as they are. And I suggest this fact without the slightest intention of casting any severe imputation upon the many kind-hearted and excellent men who still hold to views which I regard as unutterably cruel, and which, if true, would render an intense hostility to God a virtue. They believe, not from choice, but some form of orthodoxy has been interwoven with their entire culture, and, however severe its pressure upon their better feelings, they find it difficult to wholly shake it off. But such live in a continual conflict, dark glimpses of which we have observer in our author’s work. To them the glory of God is often in eclipse. Gloomy problems haunt their hours of meditation, and mingle with their nightly dreams. Dark shadows rest often upon their spirits. The world seems to them cold and dreary. God is not deeply loved, because He is regarded with that fear which perfect love casts out. ‘He that feareth is not made perfect in love.’ All such I truly pity. They are deserving of a better condition. They ought to have the light of that faith which would make all self-sacrifice the grateful free-will offering, rather than the price paid to purchase a tyrant’s favor.”

–Rev. Moses Ballou, The Divine Character Vindicated. New York: Redfield, 1854: 408-409.


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