Universalist Quote of the Day #66

“The year 1866 has witnessed the best financial work ever done for the Universalist denomination in any one year. There have been given, as nearly as we can estimate, for various denominational purposes, chiefly educational and missionary, the following sums:

In the form of bequests to our educational institutions, about. . . $300,000

In subscriptions and donations for the same, about. . . 272,000

For missionary uses, church funds, etc. . .33,000

For church edifices, dedicated during the year. . .435,000

Making a total of. . . $1,040,000

or, in round numbers, a million dollars as the year’s addition to the permanent resources of the denomination.

The transient contributions for the year, or annual expenditures, cannot be ascertained with any very near approach or accuracy. An approximate estimate has been made, as follows:

Of the 512 ministers in active fellowship, it may be presumed that four-fifths of them are in active service, and on salaries averaging $700–which would require. . .$287,000

The 700 organized societies spend probably for repairs, music, fuel, light, services of sexton, etc., an average of $200–making. . .140,000

Then we pay for our several periodicals, each year, not less than. . .90,000

For denominational books, including Sunday School books, about. . .40,000

For teachers in our schools and colleges, some. . . 53,000

And for incidental expenses in these institutions. . . 15,000

Making a total of about. . . 625,000

This added to the above. . . 1,040,000

Gives a round sum of. . .1,665,000

Over a million and a half paid or contributed to the interests of Universalism in the year 1866.

From the above it appears that our bequests and contributions for special purposes during the year have amounted to nearly twice the sum of our regular annual expenditures for the support of public worship, Sunday Schools, denominational books, periodicals, and educational institutions, all together. Is this the case of any other denomination? Will it ever be the case with us in any future year?”

The Universalist Register, Containing the Statistics of the Denomination for 1867. Boston: Universalist Publishing House, 1867: 70-71.


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