UU Trivia Question of the Day #33

It’s attack of the UU acronyms!  If yoUU’re UUsed to being aroUUnd UUism, yoUU’ve sUUrely encoUUntered people UUsing the letter U in UUnUUsUUal ways.  UUs are famoUUs (perhaps infamoUUs) for such abUUse of the langUUage.  So, here are several for yoUU to decode.

What do these acronyms–in actUUal UUse by UUs–stand for:








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2 responses to “UU Trivia Question of the Day #33

  1. CUUPs is the Pagan Group, HUUPER stands for Hardcore UU Person Energized and Ready which is the dean of GA Youth Caucus , SATUURDAY was a group/conference started by Jason Lydon for GBLT youth…the actual words behind it I have forgotton (Sexually Accepting Teen UUs Recognizing Diversity and something?), and CanUUdle is the Canadian GA. CU2C2 is the only one that doesn’t come right to mind…

  2. CU2C2 is the Council of Unitarian Universalist Camps and Conferences.

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