UUA (Former) Independent Affiliates Regain Some Privilege

When the UUA removed most Independent Affiliates from the list, there was a lot of consternation.  The opposition mainly boiled down to three results of the action: 1) former IAs would not be able to advertise in UU World at discounted rates, 2) former IAs would find their role at GA reduced, and 3) former IAs would lose (intangible) status and legitimacy conferred by being associated with the UUA.

Many people may be unaware that less than two months ago UU World re-instituted discounted rates for former IAs.  In fact, their policy is more liberal than it was before: one need not be a (former) IA to take advantage of the big discount.  Any UU group that isn’t organized on a for-profit basis will now receive the discount (all former IAs included).  The new discount rate is 10% higher than that for official IAs, but still very substantially lower than the ordinary advertising rate.

Work is also being done to ensure (former) IAs continue to have a presence at GA.  As for legitimacy, that’s a harder thing to quantify.  For some groups it is important, for other (former) IAs it is inconsequential.  The range of reactions to the move by the UUA Board is probably most reflective of how different (former) IAs consider this issue.  This is the emotional side of the issue, after all, and likely the one that efforts at mollification by the UUA will be least effective on.



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2 responses to “UUA (Former) Independent Affiliates Regain Some Privilege

  1. The announcement of UU World’s rates for member-supported nonprofit UU organizations is here. Contact the magazine’s advertising staff for more information.

  2. Jeff

    Thank you for those useful links, Chris, perhaps they should’ve been included in the original post.

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