Universalist Quote of the Day #71

“Christian truth is infinite.  A creed can only be suggestive.  Christianity leads on from discovery to discovery in the spiritual universe,–and O how unutterably more precious and glorious is that universe than materiality!–and thus Christianity opens the path of everlasting progress.  More and more stars come burning through the azure veil as the eye gains aids to penetrate the far depths above.  Christianity can never be exhausted; but while her truths invigorate the mind by healthy and strengthening action, the vastness of her resources for thought will be perceived to be as great after a grand progress has been achieved, as before.  Eternal as reason’s power to interpret, will be the ability of Christianity to furnish themes for interpretation; and boundless as the empire of the mind, are the relations of these themes.  But Christianity must be made an intellectual study, before the justness of these positions can be perceived, or the eloquence of the testimony of the Apostle fully confessed–“I count all things as loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.”

–Henry Bacon, Practical and Experimental Religion; or the Teachings and Tendencies of Universalism. Providence, RI: Z. Baker, 1942: 27.


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