UU Trivia Question of the Day #37

The UUA is usually thought of as a more-or-less American organization.  But of course it has connections around the world.  In fact, one of its most important programs is based in India.  It’s the subject of today’s quiz:

What is the Holdeen India Program?



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2 responses to “UU Trivia Question of the Day #37

  1. The Unitarian Universalist Holdeen India Program (UUHIP) works with organizations of India’s most excluded and oppressed peoples: women; dalits, so-called “untouchables” who fall outside the caste system; and the adivasis or tribals who are India’s indigenous peoples, especially migrant, bonded and landless agricultural laborers. UUHIP supports their efforts to participate fully in the social, economic and political life of India.

    I cheated…but it’s interesting…

  2. Elz

    A couple more potential tie-ins: Brahmo Samaj and Rabindranath Tagore.

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