UU Trivia Question of the Day #39

The names of UU congregations are sometimes a contentious issue.  Some people don’t like to go to a place named a “church,” while others feel distinctly uninspired by attending a “society,” “fellowship,” or “congregation.”  During the most recent, largely humanist-dominated phase of Unitarian-Universalism, there has been a grassroots movement to change the names of historic congregations away from titles including “church.”  Nonetheless, a great many retain the title church (of course, many never had church in the title to begin with).

Of the 1092 official or emerging congregations affiliated with the UUA, how many have the word “church” in their title?

Because it is rather difficult to guess a number between 0 and 1092, today’s quiz will be multiple choice.  Feel free to guess exact numbers if you wish, but otherwise go ahead and take your best pick from the following options:

a) 0-99

b) 100-199

c) 200-299

d) 300-399

e) 400-499

f) 500-599

g) 600-699

h) 700-799

i) 800-899

j) 900-999

k) 1000-1092


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