Universalist Quote of the Day #76

“God was never unreconciled to the world; it is only man that is at enmity and unreconciled; therefore it is said, he reconciled them to himself.  The change is in the creature, not in God.”

–Samuel Richardson, The Torments of Hell, the Foundation and Pillars Thereof, Searched, Discovered, Shaken and Removed.  Together With Infallible Proofs That There is Not to be a Punishment After This Life For Any to Endure That Shall Not End.  London: 1658 (reproduced in The Doctrine of Eternal Hell Torments Overthrown.  In Three Parts.  Edited by Thomas Whittmore.  Boston: James B. Dow, 1833: 82).



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2 responses to “Universalist Quote of the Day #76

  1. Elz

    These quotes are illuminating. I wonder why there is not also a Unitarian quote of the day? It is no longer true to assume that just because so many of our congregations and bylaws were historically Unitarian, today’s members know anything about the classical and historic faith by which they were founded.

  2. Jeff

    Hi Elz, two reasons. First, I think the Universalist historical side is the lesser known of our shared denominational history. While Unitarianism too needs better historical awareness in our congregations, it’s been my experience that it exceeds practical knowledge of what Universalism actually taught and was like. And secondly, it’s already a time-consuming process to come up with Universalist quotes and UU trivia questions every day, on top of regular blogging. One more daily feature would probably be the straw that broke this camel’s back. But if someone else wanted to offer Unitarian quotes, I know I’d read them.

    Here’s the first attempt to tackle this question: https://transientandpermanent.wordpress.com/2008/02/22/why-post-universalist-quotes-each-day/

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