Universalist Quote of the Day #77

“Nothing is more familiar to experience, than the sentiment of joy: this sentiment, which is only momentary in man, gives him some idea of a more real felicity, whereof that which he feels is only a specimen or sample. From this experience he concludes, that the Author of his being, having made him capable of so delicious a sentiment, must be the source of all felicity.

Another thing, which he feels, leads him still farther: I mean the invincible inclination he has to happiness; and, as this desire is inseparable to his being, it must likewise be ascribed to the author of his being; from whence he justly concludes, that happiness is the end of his being. This conclusion leads him to another: he finds it is not completely attained in this world, consequently there must be one hereafter which will accomplish that end.”

–Anonymous, Natural and Revealed Religion Explaining Each Other in Two Essays: The First Showing What Religion is Essential to Man: The Second, the State of Souls After Death as Discovered by Revelation. 1745 (reproduced in The Doctrine of Eternal Hell Torments Overthrown. In Three Parts. Edited by Thomas Whittmore. Boston: James B. Dow, 1833: 105).


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