Slight Follow-up on Yesterday’s Quiz

WordPress is acting strange; some drafts don’t show up, and then later they do, while some published posts don’t actually go up on the Web.  Here’s a bit of information that was supposed to be included in yesterday’s answer to the UU trivia question, yet for some reason didn’t appear in the published version.

The district-based organizational model of the UUA is taken from the system of the American Unitarian Association. The Universalist Church of America was organized into state conventions. However the UUA model has been altered somewhat over time. For instance, the UUA at first had paid District Executives, a holdover from the AUA. These were all fired in 1970 as part of the budget crisis, in part as a way to try and find money for the Black Affairs Council, and replaced with Interdistrict Representatives. It took decades for the District Executives to return, on a modified basis.


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