Universalist Quote of the Day #79

“I ask you also, my dear sir, to view well the contrast between yourself and Stephen.  He, ‘full of the Holy Ghost,’ dragged along by the infuriate mob, and stoned to death by the cruel enemies of the cross, prays for a blessing on his murderers, and imprecates no wo, no implacable vengeance; while you, in cold blood, and in preaching, good news, glad tidings of great joy, ‘foretell the ceaseless torments of your very friends!

–B.B. Hallock, Letters to Rev. E.F. Hatfield in Review of Two Lectures Against Universalism Delivered by Him in the Seventh Presbyterian Church, Broome Street, on Sunday Evenings, January 5th and 12th.  New York: Universalist Union Press, 1840: 28.


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