Universalist Quote of the Day #81

“We have been in the habit of treating our opposers with a respect and good manners that they have not known how to appreciate.  They have despised us for our very gentleness; attributing it to our weakness, or construing it to an admission, on our part, that they were to be respected for the popularity of their creed.  But I confess, that I can see no reason, why the man whose creed is made of equal parts of fire and brimstone, and other barbarian follies, should be entitled to more respect, than the more refined and Christian man, who beholds in God, a father, and in the whole world, a brotherhood.  I indeed, do highly respect the good and intelligent among our opposers–the generous man is always to be loved–but, for all social and spiritual purposes, I hold them not a whit the better for their barbarous creed.”

–Charles Chauncey Burr, A Review of Rev. Mr. Lane’s Lectures Against Universalism, in Six Numbers, Containing Critical and Argumentative Remarks of Every Passage in the Bible Which the Advocates of Endless Misery Quote to Support That Doctrine. Troy: Cannon Place Printing Office, 1844: 4-5.


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