The Bible as the Source of Universalism

In case readers haven’t noticed, this week’s Universalist quotes of the day are drawn from the Bible. The Bible is the original source of Universalism and one that long maintained the movement; it continues to be a major source for conviction and instruction in Universalism for many modern-day Universalists as well. While there are also Universalists for whom the Bible plays a minor or even negligible part in their faith, it is worth revisiting some of the classic Biblical texts that have strengthened Universalists through the ages and led them to pass this tradition down to us today. It is likely that more than a few Unitarian-Universalists are unaware of how the Universalists read the Bible, or what support they found there. But the Universalists are as much heirs of the Biblical tradition as their partialist neighbors, and have a similar right to interptation and exegesis.


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