First Unitarian Church of Chicago: The Answer to Today’s Quiz

CK of Arbitrary Marks correctly guessed that the church in question is First Unitarian Church of Chicago. It’s right across the street from Meadville-Lombard Theological School, next to the University of Chicago campus. This church has a long history, with such interesting highlights as one of the few crypts in a UU church and its hosting of the Midwest Buddhist Temple back in the 1940s, the first time a historically Christian church had ever allowed Buddhists to hold services in their building.

Here are some more pictures for you to enjoy. First, an outside shot of the doors to the new(er) sanctuary. Second, a shot of that sanctuary, taken from the altar. Third and fourth, two plaques hanging on either side of the altar: birth and death. Finally, a shot of the old chapel, the original sanctuary of the church.



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3 responses to “First Unitarian Church of Chicago: The Answer to Today’s Quiz

  1. Hull Chapel, the last photo, is such a beautiful, warm space. I wish they had extended that feeling rather than building the gothic sanctuary, which is cold even in August.

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  3. I’m the DRE at the First Unitarian Society of Chicago. This is an awesome blog! I discovered it when I was trying to find out how many UUs there are in the USA.

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