Unitarian Universalist Historical Society at the June 2008 GA

General Assembly is nearly upon us!  For that handful of folks not scared off by i.d. checks, high fuel prices, or Florida heat, it’s sure to be a memorable occasion.  Here’s some information on what Unitarian Universalist Historical Society events you’ll be able to take advantage of.

First, as always, there will be a history booth at GA.  Stop by to learn about UU history and the work being done on that history by scholars, both professional and amateur (in the best sense of the word).  UUHS is co-hosting the booth with the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Heritage Society, the Unitarian Universalist Religious Education History Group, and the Universalist Heritage Foundation.   That means you can connect with four great organizations with just a single visit!

The UUHS is sponsoring what is sure to be a terrific lecture by Dr. Philip Gura.  Gura’s book American Transcendentalism is reviewed in the latest issue of UU World, and his lecture will be titled “Self and Society in American Transcendentalism.”  Dr. Gura will be exploring how Transcendentalism divided into two wings, with one focused on enlightened society by individual self-transformation and the other by radical social action.  This is a bifurcation that continues in UU churches today and thus will prove highly interesting to contemporary UUs.  Dr. Gura’s lecture is on Saturday, June 28, at 5pm in Convention Center 316.

A second lecture and workshop, the fifth in his Minns Lectures series, will be delivered by UUHS Vice President Mark Harris.  The topic is “Unitarian Universalism and Class: A Faith for a Few?”  Given the unprecedented dust-up that occurred around class over at PeaceBang this past week, this is sure to be a highly relevant subject for all UUs.  The workshop is on Sunday, June 29, at 1:30pm in Convention Center Grand Floridian H.

Finally, the UUHS is proud to announce the Youth History Prize.  The UUHS is committed to developing new generations of people informed about and interested in UU history.  To help foster such knowledge, the UUHS will award a cash prize and the possibility of publication in 2009.  The official announcement, with much more detail, will be made at GA 2008.


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