Universalism Opposed to Profane Swearing

“Universalism Opposed to Profane Swearing”–that’s the title of today’s Universalist Quote of the Day (#90).  This short essay comes from The Southern Pioneer and Gospel Visiter, a 19th century Universalist periodical that was published out of Baltimore and Richmond, Virginia.  The United States used to be full of Universalist publications, including the South, but there are far fewer of them today.


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  1. As far as I know there are 3 – 4 Universalist publications left in the USA (not including the UU World which resulted from a merger of the main Unitarian and main Universalist papers; and other UUA non-Universalist publications): the Christian Universalist, a new non-UU newsletter and the Universalist Herald, a mixture of UUs and non-UUs. Up to the recent editor switch a few years ago, i the UH had been a solid southern publication for the past 160 years. The Tar Heel Universalist put out an issue about 1-2 years ago. The New Massachusetts Universalist Convention puts out a yearly or so newsletter. The Universalist Hertiage folks put out a quarterly PDF newsletter – I suspect they mail it out to non-internet folks.

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