Universalist Quote of the Day #99

“Acknowledging Jesus Christ to be the Head of the Church, and submitting ourselves unto him as such, we do hereby, as before him, agree to meet to worship together on the first day of the week, for the public worship of God, the breaking of bread, the reading of the scriptures, and the preaching of the gospel; that we may render becoming homage to our Creator, enliven our faith, improve ourselves in holiness, and strengthen our fellowship with each other; and that we may assist in bringing up the youth in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, in making them acquainted with the Scriptures, and inspiring them with the love of virtue.

We will endeavor to abstain from every vice, and faithfully to practise all the virtues of the christian religion. As far as in us lieth, we will live peaceably with all men.

And now, commending ourselves and all mankind unto God, to whom we are responsible, and on whom we are entirely dependent for all that light, wisdom and direction which we need, we pray that he would be pleased to make additions to the Church of such as shall be saved from the evil that is in the world by believing and obeying the truth as it is in the gospel of his Son; and that, by his grace, he would enable us, in all things, to conduct according to our christian profession.”

–Uniting Compact of the 1st Independent Universalist Church in Hartford, 1825.


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