Universalist Quote of the Day #100

“It is probably the fortune or misfortune of all newly organized christian communities, to win to their ranks the most discordant materials, and the most eccentric characters. The nucleus being once formed and put in motion, seems to attract nearly every particle floating in moral space, however unlike itself–if in some one particular, there exists a common element. Hence it follows, that in process of time a separation takes place–the discrepancies becoming more obvious, and the impossibility of acting in concert felt by all parties. . .”

–Rev. Stephen R. Smith, 1843.



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4 responses to “Universalist Quote of the Day #100

  1. Hi Scott, hope your week is off to a pleasant start. The quote comes from S[tephen] R[ensselaer] Smith, “Historical Sketches and Incidents, Illustrative of the Establishment and Progress of Universalism in the State of New York (First Series).” Buffalo: Steele’s Press, 1843: p.29 I apologize for forgetting to include the full citation.

  2. Thanks! and details about a Paul Dean pastorate just before it. A la Google Books.

  3. Gerald Ford

    Excellent quote, and so, so true. 🙂

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