Universalist Quote of the Day #101

“Ye that are and dare to be Universalists–ye that would be Universalists, but dare not–ye that are Universalists at heart, but outwardly, ye go another way, to be seen of men, (a class innumerable)–ye that are willing to be a Universalist is ye can see the why and the wherefore (a noble class)–come–come–take the ‘Inquirer’–and we will show you the reason for the Faith that is in us. THE BOOK IS NOW OPENED, come let us search it together, that we may see and know the wonderful things that are truly given to us of God. . . Here we are, single-handed, and alone, not only in the City, but in the state, trammeled by no human systems, but devoted to the great cause of liberal principles and free enquiry. Whilst, right around us, are no less than three Orthodox papers, all fighting for their ‘Almighty Devil’ and ‘eternal Hell’. . .

But few now believe in INNATE TOTAL DEPRAVITY. The Calvinists give that up, if we may rely upon their latest bulletins; and scarcely a soul now credits the damnation of infants–when but a few years ago Hell was said to be paved with their skulls. . . And many good Orthodox people have gone so far as to doubt the existence of a real material devil. . . Thus we see that the hydra of error and ecclesiastical delusion is fast losing his heads. . .

–Rev. Menzies Rayner, The Religious Inquirer, 1828


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