Universalist Quote of the Day #105

“[Universalism is] a faith springing out of the moral and spiritual instincts of the human soul, and declaring itself in statements that may be changed and that should be changed as the reason of men follows the ever unfolding truth of God and Christianized conscience grows freshly sensitive to ever nobler ideals of religious living. . . I believe, for example, that evolution, whether in the world of nature or of man, is the method of God. But that is not an article of my religious belief. I believe that the book of Isaiah had at least two authors and that Genesis is a compilation, much of it legend and tradition recreated by the spirit of man as touched by the spirit of God. But that is not an article of my religious belief. . .

The heretic, to the Universalist, is not the man who denies the accuracy of a method of creation portrayed in the book of Genesis; he is the one who distrusts the deathless love of God. . . for the child whom He has somehow created. He is not the one who denies the metaphysics of the doctrine of the Trinity, but the one who denies at heart Christ’s ethical oneness with God by willfully ignoring his teachings and life. . . It is the depth and earnestness of the religion, and not the correctness of the scholarship, that is of primary concern.

–Rev. Frederic Williams Perkins, “Why I am a Universalist.” Boston: Universalist Publishing House, 1900.


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