Universalist Quote of the Day #108

“Ours was the first Christian body in America to set forth the new philosophy of Christianity, which conceives of the soul as set in this world, not to be tested by a fixed law, but to find its destiny in a true freedom; which begins and ends in the idea of the sovereignty of love; which sees in the moral creation not a scheme merely to give every may his deserts, but a system whose aim is to help every man to realize his true destiny. Such is the theology for which this church has stood, in which it has been faithfully taught from the beginning. And I would that as we study it and realize its essential harmony with itself, with the unfolded teachings of science, and with the trend and spirit of the Bible, we might raise a fervent prayer of gratitude to God for the light which shone in the hearts of the fathers and gave them power to see and to say the things which are giving such peace and satisfaction to the human soul.”

–Rev. John Coleman Adams, The Story of Universalism in Hartford, 1906.



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2 responses to “Universalist Quote of the Day #108

  1. ….and ends in the idea of the sovereignty of love;

    Sovereignty a word on my mind of late.

    I haven’t read this yet: Sovereignty: God, State, and Self (Gifford Lectures) by Jean Bethke Elshtain but I should.

  2. PS… thanks for another thoughtful post by the way.

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