UU Trivia Question of the Day #51

Transient and Permanent remains on semi-hiatus due to intensive summer research projects. Expect to see it back in full swing when the new semester starts in September. But for now, here is a UU trivia question with an international slant for you.

If you were living in a non-Anglophone country and happened to hear about Unitarian-Universalism, you could find yourself stymied as to where to get additional information. Obviously, the internet is one possibility, assuming you have access to it. But the info you receive in a language other than English may or may not paint an accurate picture of what UUism is like.

Let’s take one example from a culture that has hosted influential Unitarian and Universalist missionaries in the past, but is not currently a very active mission field for UUism. When you search for “Unitarian” in Japanese, almost all of the top hits come back for a specific subject and location. Can you guess what they are?


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